Thursday, July 14, 2016

Small Frye Pick of the Week: A Child of Books ( Picture Book, September 2016)

Book Trailer Thursday: A Child of Books

This Book Trailer Thursday, celebrate Booklist’s Wednesday Review of the Day—and the impact of imagination—by “sail[ing] across a sea of words” with Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston. For this “sneak peek” of their upcoming homage to literature, A Child of Books (Candlewick)—out this September—prepare to navigate waves of words (Winston is known for his typography), “mountains of make-believe,” and spot a few familiar faces—Little Red Riding Hood, the Cheshire Cat, Mr. Toad, and more—along the way. Whimsical hand-lettering, dashes of vibrant watercolor, and stirring strings will have you hankering for September. In the meantime, don’t miss Michael Cart’s starred Booklist review, linked above.